Software Engineering Courses After 12th

Software Engineering Courses in India After 12th Grade

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Jul 2, 2024
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Are you a recent graduate or young professional looking to pursue a career in technology? If so, you're in the right place!

Software engineering is one of the most in-demand professions today, and it's changing the job landscape in India. Choosing the right course after 12th grade is crucial for success, and that's where we come in. In this article, we will provide you with all the information you need on Software Engineering Courses in India After 12th grade.


Who is a Software Engineer?

Software engineers are responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining software systems. They usually work as part of a team and collaborate with other engineers to create high-quality software products.


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Career Growth in Software Engineering

Software engineering is a rapidly growing field with numerous career opportunities.

From web developers to data analysts, there are various job roles available for software engineers.

  1. Web developers design and create websites.
  2. Software developers develop and maintain software applications.
  3. Mobile app developers build mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms.
  4. Data analysts collect and analyse data to provide valuable insights.

Salary Potential in Software Engineering

The salary packages for these jobs depend on the role and the company you work for. As a fresher, you can expect a salary range of ₹3-6 lakhs per annum.

The table below shows an approximate salary comparison across different job roles:

Job Role

Salary Range (per annum)

Web Developer

₹3-5 lakhs

Software Developer

₹4-7 lakhs

Mobile App Developer

₹4-8 lakhs

Data Analyst

₹3-6 lakhs

Some of the top companies hiring software engineers in India include Infosys Limited, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Wipro Limited, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM), etc.

These companies offer opportunities to work on diverse projects across different domains, such as banking and finance, healthcare IT services, retail, and e-commerce solutions.

Skills required in software engineering

  1. Excellent analytical skills
  2. Problem-solving ability
  3. Strong programming knowledge in languages like Java, Python, or C++
  4. Good communication skills
  5. Ability to work collaboratively

Software Engineering Courses

After completing your 12th standard education in India, there are various courses available that can help you pursue a career in software engineering, such as:

  1. B.Tech/B.E. in Computer Science Engineering
  2. B.Tech/B.E. in Software Engineering
  3. BCA/MCA programmes
  4. Diploma courses

The duration of these courses varies from three to four years, depending on the type of course you select.


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B.Tech./B.E. in Computer Science Engineering or Software Engineering

  1. This is a popular course for those who want to become software engineers.
  2. The eligibility criteria for this course is passing 10+2 from a recognised board with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as core subjects.
  3. Admission to these courses is usually based on entrance exams such as JEE Main, JEE Advanced, BITSAT, etc.
  4. The fees for these courses range between ₹4-15 lakhs, depending upon the college.


BCA/MCA Programmes

  1. BCA or MCA courses are also popular options for those interested in software engineering.
  2. BCA is a three-year undergraduate degree that focuses on computer applications, while MCA is a two-year postgraduate degree that provides advanced knowledge of computer applications.
  3. Eligibility criteria for both courses require passing the 12th standard examination from a recognised board with Mathematics as one of the core subjects.
  4. The admission process varies from college to college, with some offering direct admission based on merit while others require an entrance exam scorecard such as NIMCET or TANCET.
  5. The fees for BCA programmes range between ₹50,000 and 2 lakhs, while MCA costs around ₹1-3 lakhs.


Diploma Courses in Software Engineering

  1. These courses can be completed in 1–3 years, depending on the course selected.
  2. Diploma courses in software engineering are open to students who have passed their 10th or 12th standard exams from a recognised board.
  3. Admissions are usually granted based on merit, and fees vary between ₹20,000 and 1 lakh depending on the type of diploma course.


Specialisation Courses in Software Engineering

After completing basic software engineering courses, you can specialise in various fields like machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, etc.

  1. Machine learning involves programming algorithms to learn from data and make predictions without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning has gained significant popularity, and demand for professionals with this specialisation is increasing. 
  2. AI involves making machines work like humans by enabling them to learn from experience. This is another rapidly growing field expected to create new job opportunities for software engineers.
  3. Cybersecurity helps protect computer systems from cyberattacks. These specialisations provide additional knowledge and expertise, making you more employable in specific industries.

The following table highlights the industries that require specialised software engineering professionals:



Machine Learning

Healthcare, Banking & Finance, Retail

Artificial Intelligence

Gaming, E-commerce


Government organizations, Banking & Finance

Upskilling Opportunities

Upskilling is essential to keeping up with the constantly evolving software engineering industry and improving your chances of landing a better job role.

  1. Certification courses like the Full-Stack Web Development Course or the Data Science Course are some popular options worth considering.
  2. Various online courses also offer beginner's coding courses to advanced machine learning programmes.
  3. The fees range between ₹50,000 and 2 lakhs, depending on the nature of the course and its duration.


Industry Outlook

The Indian software engineering industry is expected to grow significantly over the next few years due to a rise in digital transformation projects across industries like banking, healthcare, and retail.

Rising domestic demand for IT services coupled with increased government spending on technology initiatives are other contributing factors.

Technological advancements such as blockchain development and remote work are some emerging trends within this industry.


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Plan Your Path to Success

Now that you have all the information you need on software engineering courses, upskilling programmes, specialisations, and career prospects, it's time to plan your path to success.

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1. Which countries have a high demand for Indian software engineers?

Countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, and Germany have a high demand for skilled Indian software engineers.

2. Is there a comparatively easier field in software engineering?

It depends on individual preferences and skill sets; however, front-end development may be considered easier than back-end development.

3. Which specialisation has the best future in software engineering?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gained significant momentum, with potential breakthroughs being made every day. Additionally, cloud computing and cybersecurity are becoming increasingly crucial as organisations move towards digital transformation.

4. Where in India are the highest-paying software engineering jobs?

Software engineering jobs based out of Bangalore offer some of the highest salaries, ranging from ₹7 lakhs to ₹20 lakhs per annum.

5. Who earns more: a software engineer or a data engineer?

While both professions have competitive salaries ranging between ₹5 lakhs and ₹10 lakhs per annum, data engineers typically earn slightly more due to their specialised skills dealing with big data.

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