Top Photography Courses in India: Exploring the Best Programmes and Institutes

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Jul 2, 2024
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Are you captivated by the art of capturing moments and telling stories through photographs? Do you find yourself drawn to the idea of turning your passion for photography into a fulfilling career? If so, this is the right place for you to start your journey to becoming a successful photographer.

In this article, we will explore the best photography courses in India, providing you with comprehensive information to help you kickstart your journey in this exciting field.


Choosing the Right Photography Course

In today's competitive market, having a solid educational foundation can make all the difference in pursuing a successful career in photography.

Diploma and Degree Courses

These courses offer aspiring photographers a well-rounded curriculum that covers both the theoretical and practical aspects of the craft. They also provide valuable knowledge from experienced professionals and industry experts who can guide you through every step of your learning journey.

A few popular diploma programmes include:

  • Diploma in Photography
  • Advanced Diploma in Photography
  • Professional Diploma in Commercial Photography
  • Diploma in Fashion Photography
  • Diploma in Wedding Photography and Cinematography
  • Diploma in Travel and Wildlife Photography

A few popular degree programmes include:

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Photography
  • Bachelor of Design (B.Des) in Photography
  • Bachelor of Visual Arts (BVA) in Applied Art with a specialisation in Photography

Short-term Certification Courses

Short-term certification courses can be a great option for those who want to upskill or specialise in specific areas of photography. These courses offer flexible durations and focused training.

Some popular certification courses available include:

  • Portrait Photography Certification Course
  • Product Photography Certification Course
  • Fashion and Editorial Photography Certification Course
  • Documentary and Photojournalism Certification Course
  • Food and Beverage Photography Certification Course

Specialisation Courses

Specialisation courses deepen your understanding of specific subjects and equip you with industry-relevant skills.

A few popular specialisation courses include:

  • Wildlife Photography Workshop
  • Landscape and Nature Photography Workshop
  • Street and Travel Photography Workshop
  • Studio Lighting Techniques Workshop
  • Still Life and Product Styling Workshop

Online Certification Courses and Platforms

In addition to physical institutes, there are also online platforms that offer certification courses in photography. Websites like Coursera, Udemy, and Skillshare provide accessible options for learning at your own pace from the comfort of your home. The Fundamentals of Digital Photography Online Certification Course and the Adobe Lightroom Online Certification Course are two of the many online courses you can pursue to enhance your career.


Top Institutes Offering Photography Courses in India

If you are looking for specialised training in photography, several renowned institutes across India offer diploma programmes and specialisation courses.

A few renowned institutes include:

  • National Institute of Photography (NIP), Mumbai
  • Light & Life Academy, Ooty
  • Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication (SACAC), Delhi
  • National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad
  • Asian Academy of Film and Television (AAFT), Noida
  • International Institute of Mass Media (IIMC), Delhi
  • Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune
  • National Institute of Creative Communication (NICC), Bengaluru
  • Lightroom School of Photography, Kolkata

Leading Universities Offering Degree Programmes

If you prefer to pursue a bachelor's or master's degree in photography, there are reputed universities that offer comprehensive courses to cater to your academic aspirations.

  • Jamia Millia Islamia University, Delhi
  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur
  • University of Delhi

Career Opportunities and Job Potential

Photography graduates in India have a plethora of career opportunities to explore.

  • The fashion and advertising industries offer numerous avenues for photographers to showcase their creativity. From fashion shoots to product campaigns, these sectors rely heavily on visually appealing imagery, creating a high demand for skilled photographers.
  • Wedding and event photography is another lucrative career option. With the rise of destination weddings and the importance placed on capturing special moments, wedding photographers are in high demand.
  • The journalism and media sectors also present rewarding opportunities for photography graduates. Photojournalism involves capturing powerful images that tell a story, making it an integral part of news reporting.
  • Additionally, photography offers great potential for entrepreneurship. Many professionals choose to start their own photography businesses, specialising in areas such as portrait photography, wildlife photography, or architectural photography.


Salaries and Industry Growth

The salary range for entry-level photographers in India varies depending on factors such as experience, location, and skills. On average, entry-level photographers can expect to earn between ₹2-4 lakhs per annum. However, with experience and expertise, this figure can significantly increase.

In metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Delhi, where there is high demand for professional photographers, salaries tend to be higher due to the cost of living and increased competition. Additionally, specialisation in niche areas such as fashion or wildlife photography can also lead to higher earnings.

The industry itself is experiencing steady growth with the increased use of visual content across various platforms, including social media and online publications. As businesses realise the value of impactful imagery for marketing purposes, the demand for skilled photographers continues to grow.


Upskilling Opportunities and Continuous Learning

To stay competitive in the evolving field of photography, upskilling is crucial. Attending workshops, masterclasses, or photography festivals can provide valuable learning experiences and networking opportunities.

Photography festivals like the Delhi Photo Festival and the Jaipur Photo Festival bring together renowned photographers and experts from the industry, offering a platform for skill enhancement through exhibitions, talks, and workshops.

For experienced photographers looking to enhance their skills further, advanced training programmes are available. These programmes focus on specialised areas such as fashion photography, documentary photography, or photo editing techniques.


Kickstart Your Career as a Photographer

Continuous learning not only keeps photographers updated with the latest trends and technologies but also allows them to expand their artistic horizons and explore new genres. By embracing continuous learning opportunities, photographers can ensure they remain at the forefront of their profession.

Remember, WIZR offers expert guidance on a wide range of certification courses, enabling you to upskill and excel in this dynamic field.



1. How can I apply for photography jobs abroad?

You can apply for photography jobs abroad by researching international job portals, reaching out to local agencies or companies directly, or networking with professionals already working overseas.

2. Do I need a journalism degree to be a photojournalist?

While a journalism degree can be beneficial for photojournalism careers, it's not always mandatory. Building a strong portfolio showcasing your storytelling skills through photographs is equally important.

3. What other technical skills are valued by photographers?

Apart from photography skills, knowledge of editing software like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom is highly valued. Additionally, proficiency in videography and drone operation can broaden your skillset.

4. Can I pursue photography as a full-time profession, or is it more suitable as a freelance career option?

Photography can be pursued both as a full-time profession and as a freelance career option and is equally rewarding.

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